28 Jan 2016

Bleeding Art Tissue

I have recently been playing with bleeding art tissue, so I thought I would share my discoveries with you.

It is an easy, quick technique which gives really nice results. It stains your hands very prettily too! (It washes off ok)

The first thing I discovered is not all tissue bleeds, the packet has to say "Bleeding Art Tissue" I found this pack quite inexpensively online.

I started by randomly tearing small pieces of tissue, and laid them on my card. I used 250gsm card, it did buckle a little when I went a bit mad with the spray bottle, otherwise it held up quite well.

After laying the tissue I spritzed with water until I could see the colours bleed from the tissue. I found that the pastel shades did not give such a good result but the brighter, darker ones did. I then lightly brushed over the tissue, and then eagerly removed the tissue leaving a wonderful mix of colours.
If you crinkle the tissue up before applying, it gives a different textured effect.

I ended up with lots of different backgrounds, which I will use to create various pictures.

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